Hobo Fishing Kit

Hobo Fishing Kit is a simple kit that can be made from anything that is cylindrical in shape. First came across this kit was through Ray Mears's Youtube who is exceptionally well verse in Survival and Bush Craft.  

Fishing and crabing were used to be my hobbies, catching the catch of the day and sharing with family members but for the last decade, I had neglected these hobbies. I am not a Pro Angler but just doing it for fun. So far my biggest catch was a salt water Catfish 1.2 metres long and that was 20yrs ago. Before moving to Taiwan, I had to give up my expensive Dawa fishing rod and reel. That was a big mistake, should have brought along during the migration. 

Buying fish in the market of Taiwan is really expensive, I really do not understand as this is a nation depends on fishing for revenue. Coming from a non-fishing nation we used to pay 3 fish steaks for NT200 and here I only get one steak for the price.   

So now, I might just start this hobby again. I have decided to DIY a lightweight Hobo Fishing Kit that is small enough to fit in a pants pocket or day pack. Idea is not for game fishing but if we do come across any lake or calm sea in any of our trip, hopefully one day we can get something out of this kit. 

Building the Habo Fishing Kit
Scavenging items from my current fishing kit and DIY few items such as a straw floater and artificial lure using the inner strand of a Paracord, will try it out on survival suitation hopefully it works. The cylindrical container used  was from a medical capsule container. 

 DIY artifical lure and straw floater

DIY straw floater, grip the end with a pliers and use a lighter to fuse them together 

 took old artifical lures and re-work on the knots

Items stored inside the Hobo Fishing Kit included a length of 25 meters fishing line. I have added a 2 meters steel wire to be used as snare and a 10 meters inner Paracord strand for survival use or as backup fishing line which is wrapped around the container. It also act as a grip on the container. Scraped bike Inner tubes are used to keep the lines from unwrapping which can be used to assist fire starting in survival situation otherwise it just served the later purpose. 

 decided to add another floater just in case the straw floater fails

All packed in the container 

have to start fishing soon


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