Happy Panda 快樂白沙露營區

NOTE: Happy Panda stops operation on 19 Sep 2012

訂房專線:08-886-7888 或 0972-776835
Price: Link
all photos taken from www.happypanda.com.tw

New kid in the club, we literally mean "Club", this clubbing beach facing camp site has all the facilities to throw a party. The kind of camping we might just party on the beach and go crazy. 

Located in Hengchun Baisha Beach, this is a new camp site and very well thought out layout. The ideal of beach camping under coconut trees just brings the tropical feeling. They offer various accommodation from in-house colourful RVs to tents. Pricing is a little different from others, a 2-men tent to 6-men tent are priced differently, also expect to pay for additional extension tentage.