DIY Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

It has been a while since I did any maintenance on the bike chain. Made a very simple tool using 2 toothbrushes, 2 inner tube bands and a piece of wood. 

Using some diesel, slowly cleaned each link to get rid of the grease. Method I did was left and right follow by up down. After that was done, hosed down with water (preferable with hard spray but not water jet) and soaped the chain. To clean other hard to reach areas like Chain Rings or Sprockets, I had used a separate toothbrush for that job.

Since I was into that, I decided to give all 3 bikes a Spa. Took 4 hours to degreased, washed, oil the chain and polishing.   

Bike Spa 

Tip: Before oiling make sure the chain is dry, one method I do is to flip the lower chain while cranking and let the water flies out. If there is a compress air that will be better.

When oiling the chain, proper method is to oil with a drop of oil on each link and not spray. We only want the oil inside the linkage. After that is done, crank the wheel and use a cloth to clean off any excess oil. 

I do not use any special oil but oil left over from my vehicle transmissions box. Previously on our motocross bike, we would use used engine oil. Never had a problem with mud or dirt sticking to the chain. Some people might have such problem is all due to the viscosity of the oil. Maybe we changed the oil frequently. 

The photo on the greasy chain was the original oil on it since we got the bike. Had never clean it for last 3 years. Since using the transmission oil, never had the problems on other 2 bikes getting greasy. Chain oiling required no special oil, you only need to find lucubrating oil from low to medium viscosity. How to know, by placing two fingers and feel it. If is feels any stickiness, that is not the oil to use. I found transmission oil is rather suitable. Another oil you can find cheaply is sewing machine oil but you will need to oil frequently as it has low viscosity.   

Keeping the chain cleaned and oiled is rather important if you do not want other components to wear down. It also makes cranking the wheel much lighter and you will have a smoother ride. I always carry a small bottle of oil in the bike tool kit. 

This tool was created 15 years ago to use on my motocross bike when I have to wash the bike almost every weekend after the ride so now hope you guy enjoyed this simple DIY.