Window Farming Diary

This is our Window Farming Diary to keep track on each action and duration for plant to grow till produce (hopefully). Below are related posts you can read up. Otherwise continue reading our diary, positive comments are welcome.

19 Aug 2012

  • Transplanted Lettuce to Window Unit
  • Found Lemon that was placed 10 days ago grew
  • Transplanted Lemon Grass to Self Watering PET Bottles
  • Transplanted 2 Cheery Tomatoes to small nursery pot 
  • Installed 2 rows of 3 bottles Window Unit
  • Ordered 5V water pump for self watering system
  • Found white bugs in one of the pot
Lettuce transplanted

White bugs...what are they??

18 Aug 2012
  • Written a post on Window Farming - Recycle Material and Construction.  
  • Start of Window Farming Diary
  • Seeded Spinach and Xiao Bai Chye 小白菜.
  • Transplanted Lettuce to smaller PET nursery pot
  • Transplanted germinated Calamansi seeds to a new nursery system
  • Fresh Okra seeds failed to germinate, will get seeds to plant

Seeded Spinich and Xiao bai Chye. Lettuce since 12 Aug

Calamansi in new nursery system

Spring Onion since 14 Jul

Ginger since 12 Aug

12 Aug 2012

  • Planted a section of Ginger 
  • Seeded Lettuce directly into soil
8 Aug 2012

  • Germinating fresh Calamansi seeds
  • Germinating fresh tomatoes seeds 
  • Germinating fresh Okra seeds 
15 Jul 2012
  • Planted fresh germinated bird eye chilli
14 Jul 2012
  • Planted Spring Onion

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