Scooda Side Awning Tent

Partner has been pestering for a year to get this tent. Personally, I like to keep it simple and avoid too many camping gears in our BOV (Bug out Vehicle). Previously I would only use 2 telescopic pole and a tent footprint as a Tarp. I like playing with rope works and I like simplicity. Well, she wanted it to keep insects away, for me is not a problem. That the difference between a SE Asian and an East Asian. 

When I was in Dubai outstationed, she pestered me once more and I gave in. Now that I am back and tried out this new tent so here is the review. 

The tent bag itself 70x20x20cm with the tent kit weighs around 7kg which include 2 sets of 2 pieces steel poles, 10 pegs, 3 sets of fiberglass tent poles, 4 guy lines and the tent. I soon realised the weight was more on the supplied pegs and the 2 sets steel tent poles. I have removed the 2 sets steel poles and kept it at home. If needed, we would use the telescopic aluminium rods poles. 

BOV River Camping 

camping inbetween a 5-star Resort and a 3-star Campsite. Ours is a 2-star free and easy

Setting Up
Setting up the tent is not that difficult, can be done by one man. Firstly we would need to spread the tent out on the ground. There are 3 sets of fiberglass tent poles. Two going across the tent and a shorter going through the mid section of the tent. After which either using 2 suction cup hooks on the vehicle roof or using the supplied guy lines, secure the tent top to the vehicle. It will take a few practise to know the distance. Once that is done you can peg down all the points. Total 9 peg points are needed not including the top guy lines, if calculated correctly they are short of one more peg, total 11 needed. It is recommended that you have a mallet, Taiwan ground is really hard to handle.

The interior of the tent is spacious 320x330x200cm, without camp furniture it can accommodate 6 sleeping adults. With my camp furniture setup, we can still squeeze in 8 sitting adults. 

This tent is a second generation of Scooda range, the previous model did not come with interior hooks for hanging lantern and electrical wires. 

The tent can be fully enclosed for privacy, there are 3 big windows with insect mesh and have zipped up storm flaps. Below the tent base are insect mesh too, this will provide some ventilation

like my DIY lantern?

Tent Options 
There are few options you can setup the tent, if the weather is to warm, open the 2 sides doors fully. Otherwise just open the door way on either sides to ventilate. 

Even without the vehicle you can still setup the tent independently with the supplied steel tent poles or join with a 4 legged tentage and use this tent as a sleeping area.

second generation comes with guy lines zipped pockets

Overall the design was genius. The height of the tent was perfect for our vehicle however I think it is more suited for vans and not cars. For car, it is better to use with the supplied steel pole to create enough head room.

There is enough room for our camp furnitures and a 2-men tent without fly on. This will be great if our kids are here camping and they can sleep under this tent. There is no other colour to choose, the 2 generation comes turquoise and 1st generation was dark navy. I would prefer they made natural colours.  

Under strong winds if properly pegged down, the tent will not fly off however on one occasion camping in the river valley, the wind was so strong that the tent collapse downwards, the mid section just caved-in but still pegged down. We remedied it by placing a telescopic pole in the mid section of the tent. We had used it under the rain and it had handled well, no leaks anywhere but can get really stuffy if all windows are closed. 

Setting it up and taking it down is not difficult, can be handled within 10 to 15mins. So far we have not seen any vehicle tent such as this on the internet, it was not stated made in anywhere but the company sold this is from Taiwan. For the price, it was less than USD200. This will be our add-on to our bug out situation and act as a base camp. Now we have a kitchen cum living room space, our bedroom will be in the vehicle.  
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