Recycle Self-Watering Hanging Bottle Garden

First time trying out. If it works, will carry on building more of these. The construction is rather simple, all you need are few water bottles, disposable chopsticks, straw and strings.

Cut the bottles into 2 parts and make a hole on the bottle cap. I then hot glue a straw to the cap for drainage into the pot.

Before filling soil, squeezed some tissue at the bottle neck, this will prevent the soil from coming out of the drain hole.

Using a hole puncher, I had punched 2 holes across the bottle and slide in a piece of chopstick that was cut to length. On the chopstick, I had made groves so the the string would not come off.

 Lower drainage to pot

 Mid drainage, I had made 3 holes instead of one

For the self-watering bottle, I made a holder using clothe hanger and bend it to shape. I am still experimenting the size of the drain hole. Currently on the bottle cap I had drilled 3 holes of 2mm dia.


  1. looks like your hands are very itchy for hands-on.... time to hit the engine room soon.

  2. Great idea......I will try it for my tomato plants too :D