Petzl Tikka XP2

I have replaced my previous Petzl Tikka XP with Petzl Tikka XP2. The reason was I needed a headlamp with Red lighting. Red lighting is necessary to me when out in the wilderness. It helps to preserve my night vision also it is useful in camp or night coaches where there are full of people. The red light will not distract anyone in their sleep.   

Overall I am pleased with the design except it feels a little bit plastic. The weight is exceptionally light, 88gm with batteries. Unlike my other Petzl PIXA3, this headlamp is not waterproof, meaning you cannot submerge in the water but can be used under the rain. Manufacture recommends if submerge in seawater, remove the batteries and rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry it. Hm....not waterproof but can be washed. Rating is IP X4 (water resistance)

The head lamp in total has 5 lighting modes with maximum 60 Lumens which is very impressive compare to it's predecessor only 35 Lumens. Both the headlamps uses 3AAA Alkaline batteries however XP2 can also use with Lithium batteries. The On/Off lighting mode is controlled by a single big button with quick clicks for each mode. The button is large enough to be used with gloves. It has a light diffuser which can be slide up easily to create a wide beam ideal for camp use or any repair work. It comes with a battery indicator and will only lit when the battery is 50%. 

Lighting Mode and Efficiency 
  • Maximum 80 hoursinitial visibility 60m, 30 hours later 6m
  • Economic 160 hoursinitial visibility 17m, 30 hours later 14m
  • Flashing White 240 hours, initial visibility 8400m, 30 hours later 6300m
  • Constant Red 100 hours, initial visibility 1000m, 30 hours later 800m 
  • Flashing Red 750 hours, initial visibility 1000m, 30 hours later 800m
It comes in 2 colours, in this post is a Graphite Colour and the other is Iris which is more like purple. Comes with 3 years warranty.

Few acessories can be considered to use with the headlamp
Petzl has the Adapt Kit for quick exchange mounting and the Core rechargeable battery. Interestingly the Core battery has the intelligence of saving battery usage for various outdoor activities. See below YouTube.

Adapt Kit

Survival Whistle

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