Karratha, Dampier, Wickham Australia

Feb 2007
This was a 3 weeks business trip to Western Australia. I was there to repair the company's vessel and getting her ready for the annual inspection in Dampier. During this period of time, I missed celebrating the Lunar Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and my damn Birthday all alone.
At 4am in the morning, flying from Perth Airport on a domestic flight, it took about 2hrs to reach Karratha. At that time of the year, the weather was really HOT. Sometime in the noon it would reach around 45 deg C. In the evening 9pm, cold shower was still hot shower.

I have never seen so many road-kill Kangaroos. Almost every morning on my way to work, I see a new dead kangaroo. These are the only National creature that is allow to hunt.

Dampier is totally out of this world, you would feel that you are on the planet Mars, red sand and rocks everywhere. The only nearby decent town is Karratha which is 20Km away. I did manage to get a weekend off and drove 65Km to Wickham to taste their best Fish 'n' Chip in these area.

My room for 3 weeks, bad internet connection, only one lousy bar which you might get a chance to see a topless waitress and one supermarket in the whole area.

 At least I got a room with a view of the ocean.

every evening this kangaroo would pass by my window

one of the only industry in the area

far away you can see 2 white mountain...they are salt

sometimes I would wonder if I am on planet Earth

a jack-up rig that I need to get her ready

old left over cowboy town

that's my rented car

one of the few trees around and this is a survival tree, chop the trunk and you get water

old train station if I remembered correctly

Wickham Town

I drove 65km just to have a taste of their best fish 'n' chip

it's really good....best Fish 'n' Chip

so much about road-kill

Had enough of Chips....finally I get one Asian meal in Karratha...Mutton Curry Rice. Not the best but enough to satisfy my craving.

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