DIY Camera Strap

After a month of purchasing my new camera Canon S100, I have to send in for repair because I dropped it on the ground. The camera does not come with any shoulder strap except a hand strap. My previous camera, the Olympus Tough I had dropped many times but never failed, maybe because it was made tough. So growing from the habit in the past, I damaged the Canon S100. Most of the time I dropped the camera when removing it from the pouch due to the small handle  strap, sometimes I would miss the grip.

After some consideration, thought I should prevent sending in my Canon camera for second repair so I decided to DIY a strap that I can either hang over my neck or shoulder safety.

Gathering the material I have, a length of Paracord and key chain clip or a cheap carabiner. Now I can safety hang my camera without the fear of losing it to the ground. After the creation, I did find it useful when you are either biking or hiking when you need to take constant photos without keeping the camera in the pouch at all times. Just let it hang there and you would not feel the strap is in the way.

Well... you can consider what I have made is useful if you are a non-SLR person. SLR cameras normally comes with a neck strap. I am not ready for SLR as I still find it too bulky, heavy and too expensive to bring for any outdoor adventure trip, any damage to the camera will cost a fortune. In reality, SLR camera is too bulky and heavy. Furthermore I am not a photographer that makes a living but just a simple Blogger who needs a decent resolution photo to post on my blog. So the best hands on camera is a high end compact camera and Canon S100 was my choice. If you are interested, do follow on.......

 Depending what kind of strap you need, a neck strap you will need around 1 meter Paracord, a shoulder strap depending on your chest size 1.2 meter to 1.8 meter length Paracord.

 If you are using the key chain clip, you will need to loop the key chain clip first, using carabinar do not  bother this step. I did not make any further knot because I wanted the camera to move freely along the strap.

 next make a fisherman knot, I choose not to use double fisherman knot for ease of untying the knots but if you prefer you can use the double fisherman knots. Check out the video below how to make the knots.

you should get something like this, with this knot you are able to adjust the length of the strap to your comfortable length.

next hook it to your camera handle strap

Shoulder Strap

using a belt with your camera pouch 

using it with shoulder pouch, I am trying the pouch upside down so that the camera slides out easily without fearing of dropping on the ground and it will just hang on my shoulder.

enough room to take a picture but remember your backpack sternum strap must be inside of the camera strap

this is another method if you prefer neck hanging.  The whole idea is still using the fisherman's knot so that you can adjust the length. 

I chose to use a TMC Pouch for my Canon S100 which is made in China as it fits perfectly, material Condura Nylon. Reason is that it has a Velcro lip which makes storing and removing the camera easily with one hand unlike the zipper pouch. The size of this pouch was able to fit my GPS Garmin Oregon,  size of the pouch 100x60x25mm and it fits my Canon S100 perfectly.

The beauty about this pouch, you can use it vertically or horizontally, it come with 4 mounting straps to secure tightly which ever direction you prefer.

PS photos seen was my dead Olympus Tough Camera as example. Photos were take by Canon S100.

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