Magnesium Fire Steel Rod

Recently we placed a bulk order for the Magnesium Fire Steel and to our surprised it was a different kind of fire steel was sent to us, comparing to the fire steel we had before, it was much lighter and it did not contained much magnesium. We also found out there were a few sellers on the internet offering the wrong info on the fire steel. So beware of those cheap deals.

This was the wrong fire steel we received, notice there are two different material 
We contacted the Chinese manufacturer to resupply the correct fire steel. He told us the kind of fire steel we need would cost more. Since these fire steel was meant for the project on the Mini E-Fire Starter which many have requested so we went for the order.
Why do we request for such fire steel
  • the fire steel has much higher Magnesium content creating high spark
  • the material is soft and can use the blade end of the knife to spark
  • minimum effort is needed to spark
  • ideal for Survival Kit as it does not take up space
  • can DIY your own storage or handle if needed
  • ideal for minimalist or ultra light weight camping
  • not necessary to use a striker as we always have a knife.

We found the ideal size for these Magnesium Fire Steel Rod to be 80mm x 8mm, just nice to grip with your fingers and you do not need the handle end. Below is a Youtube video on the Magnesium Fire Steel Rod demonstration.

The fire steel could fit in the Leatherman side pocket without the handle in a way.
I had used a  duct tape and paracord  to make a loop.

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