EDC Hard Case

Affordable hard case for sensitive storage while outdoor. Do not expect Pelican Case quality but decent enough for protective storage. One factor that we like is it organise and everything is accessible easily unlike zipper pouches. The 4-point securing clips make it easy to open and close the case. We do not rate this waterproof but definitely if it falls in the water, it will float. Also the weight is much lighter than zipper pouch. 

  • Water Resistance Case
  • 4 point securing clips
  • comes with lanyard for carry on
  • rubber seal
  • Insulated foam to protect sensitive gear from damage
  • Organise your storage
  • Useful for First Aid Kit, Survival Kit, Electronic Gear 
  • Material: Plastic 

Small Case
Size: 135mm x 80mm x 40mm
Internal: 118mm x 68mm 
Weight: 55gm

Large Case 
Size: 170mm x 105mm x 48mm
Internal: 150mm x 98mm
Weigh: 110gm

Small Case: Big enough to fit an iPhone

Small Case for Survival Kit

Large Case use as Electronic Gear Storage

Small Case use as minimum First Aid Kit

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  1. Most of the professional photographers I know store their gear in one of these during adventures, not only because they’re fully waterproof, but also because the plastic exterior is so tough you could run it over with your Tacoma. Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure