CRKT Doug Ritter RSK MK5 Mini Fixed Blade

Mini Fixed Blade? What are you seriously going to do with it? Can this little fella do a lot? First impression,  I thought this would be a better ladies knife otherwise a great survival kit knife. 

This little knife comes in full tang stainless steel 3Cr13 harden to 52-55HRC, blade length 44.5mm with wide-cord drop point which is great for skinning animals, molded riveted fiberglass-reinforce nylon sheath, neck chain and a small length of cord to extend a better grip.

To remove the knife from the sheath, simpily use the thumb and push the sheath. To extend a better grip, adjust the cord knot to desire length.

I prefer to use this knife in 2 areas. One is to strap on to my backpack shoulder harness where I can easily access a knife during a hike or MTB. When not in use, I throw it back into my survival kit as a backup knife. You can either use a duct tape or a split ring to secure to the backpack shoulder harness. By the way, this knife was design more towards survival kit tools and able to pack into small survival containers.

If you are not into carrying a knife when outing, maybe you should consider this little knife as it does not take up space and weight. Furthermore it is easily conceal as it comes with a neck chain to be worn around the neck. 

The idea of the fixed blade with skeletal handle is great, why?? You can use it as a spear!!! And to add, it is much stronger than a folding knife. I have a few small fixed blade knive but I thing the RSK MK5 would be my choice. It will be my secondary knife when I can use a spear or I totally forgot my main survival knife for the reason it is small enough to handle most task.

Here are some details you can read on Doug Ritter design development. I must said for a small little knife it does packed enough juice for most outdoor use but not Bushcraft. If you are not a serious knife user do consider this mini backup knife when needed. It will work well when needed, just hook it up with your EDC key chain if you prefer.

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