Alishan National Forest Recreation Area 阿里山國家風景區

4 Sep 2006
Day 1, we drove to Alishan for some leisure hikes and to watch early sunrise over Yushan from ZuShan. 
2 days was required for this activity. 

The first day afternoon we stopped over at Fen Chu Hu, spent some time around the village, by evening we drove up to Alishan National Forest Recreation Area to spend a night and catch the early morning train to Zushan. 

Below link have information on transport to Alishan
National Forest Recreation Area Website

Fen Chu Hu Train Station

Square Bamboo

Day 2 early morning 4am, had breakfast and headed up to ZuShan to get a view of morning Sunrise over Yushan but was not in luck, we only saw clouds. Though it was foggy and wet, we had fun hiking down Alishan, the forest view was magnificent and the weather was cooling.

Note: Train from Alishan Station to Zushan Station will take one hour

morning 4am breakfast

everyone was waiting for Sunrise

no Sunrise


Sister pond

our overnight hotel

3 Generation Tree

Wasabi Roots


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