Snow Mountain from Wuling Farm 武陵農場雪山登山口

There are at least 4 trail heads going up Snow Mountain in Shei-Pa National Park however one of the most favourite and shortest trail to Snow Mountain is from Wuling Farm, one can reach the campsite and spend a night before setting off early morning to Snow Mountain Eastern Trail, click HERE, otherwise the Wuling Quadruple Trail going up 4 mountains. Both trails will take 3days 2 nights.

Recently we have oversea fans asking about going up Snow Mountain from Wuling Farm information.

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Few items to note.
  • Camping in Wuling Farm rates are between NT400 to NT2200. Tent at location is available otherwise you can bring your own tent. Check rates HERE
  • If you prefer sleeping in comfort, there are cottages around the Farm. Rates can be found HERE
  • There are no meals provided at Wuling Farm Campsite except in the Hotel which is around 15 to 20mins hike from campsite. Hotel meal info can be found HERE.
  • There is no transport from campsite going up to Snow Mountain trail head and the hike from campsite takes around 40mins.
  • If you are going into the mountain area (Conservation Area) or use the mountain lodges you will need to apply Permit HERE Chinese, English Application Permit info click HERE. During most seasons, mountain lodges are always fully booked so do plan ahead, advise atleast 30days ahead. Be warned any attempt without permit will cost you a Sea Hawk ride during emergency and a Fine.
  • There are local clubs arranging trip up to Snow Mountain, you will have to find the info Online as CiT is not affiliated with them.
Entrance fee to Wuling Farm is applicable
Adult: NT130 weekday / NT160 weekend
Vehicle parking: NT80 car


Yilan Kuo-Kuang Bus 宜蘭國光客運
From Yilan to Wuling Farm
Travelling time: 2 hours and 45 minute fare: NT276
Yilan Train Station to Bus Station about 150m (left) Kuo-Kuang Bus Station
Yilan to Wuling Farm 07:00,12:40
Wuling Farm to in Yilan 09:20,14: 05
EZ Travel Network Bus 易遊網彩繪巴士
From Taipei to Wuling via Yilan
Travelling time: 4 hours one-way fare: NT800 weekday / NT1200 weekend or holidaysStarting from Taipei Railway Station to Wuling Farm tour buses (34 seaters)
Hotline: (02) 23148703
07:20Taipei Railway Station - 東三門 Donsanmen bus boarding point
( at train station there is a dedicated car service)
07:30Bus to Yilan
09:00Yilan Railway Station (if alighting need to advise bus driver to stop)
11:30Wuling Farm

Fengyuan Bus 豐原客運
From Taichung to Wuling Farm
Traveling time 6 hours (only one bus per day)Fengyuan Bus Tel: (04) 2523-4175 # 228
Arrange Bus at Taichung Train Station - Fengyuan豐原 - Lishan梨山 (change bus) - Wuling Farm
Taichung to Lishan 08:00
Lishan to Wuling 16:00
Wuling to Lishan to Taichung 6:30-14:30
Wuling Recreation Map (Click Map for Larger View)

Meals and Accommodation

Wuling Hotel (meals)
Wuling Farm Camping Area
Wuling Fushu Resort (meals)
Fushu Group Wuling Villa (meals) (Forest Service Eastern Forest management to contract out the situation)
  • Reservation Tel: (04) 25901020
Mountain Lodging Information
Shei-Pa National Park 七卡及 QiKaJi and 三六九山莊 369 Lodge Bed Application
For Fans climbing the Snow Mountain, advance booking is necessary for 七卡山莊 QiKaJi Lodge and 三六九山莊 369 Lodge. This is to avoid over-crowding and pollution to the area
Lodge Notes
  • 七卡山莊 QiKa Lodge, 三六九山莊 369 Lodge must make advance booking for weekdays and holidays seasons, application for bed booking for group need to indicate conservation area on the permit application, time and place to stay.
  • Approve groups application for lodges need to produce admission license, total number of people (do not take the other bed)
  • QiKaji Lodge is open 4 season from afternoon till the next day 8 am, do not camp in other locations.
  • Maintain cleanliness around Lodge and please bring garbage down.
  • Maintain clean water sources, do not use detergents
  • No pets allowed in mountain area as not to frighten wildlife and pollute the environment.
  • Please use mountaineering cooking stove, open fire are prohibited
  • Do not damage and graffiti around the Lodge.
  • Please be quiet and pay attention to lodging etiquette.
七卡 QiKa Camp Management
During holiday season, 369 Lodge Hill and QiKa Lodge can be very crowed thus camping is allowed in Qika camp area
Camping reservations Notes
  • 七卡QiKa camp can accommodate 10 nos of 4 men tent.
  • Camp permit is required, application done online.
  • Groups camping reservations accepted by Shei-Pa National Park need to show receipt of approve application
  • Reservation will be rejected if booking is full
  • Booking can be done 2 days in advance.
Information dated Aug 2011


  1. Hi, I want to climb Snow Mountain in December over New Years. I have never climbed in snow, would you recommend any special gear, crampons, snow shoes etc.

    1. Hi Ivy,

      If it is snowing in Snow Mountain, it would be better if you have crampons, snow shoes not necessary if you have gore-tex boots. Just ensure your boots can fit 2 layers of socks such as wool. I used a wool and G-Warmer socks. Having Gaitters would be nice just to prevent your pants from getting wet.
      Do note once it snow the trail will be very difficult to trace.

  2. Ok thanks. I have gaiters and thick woolen socks that my local hiking store suggested I use. I have been told that over new years it will be quite busy so the trail will be opened, but any suggestions if it isn't. How do I navigate?

  3. Also...could you give me the Chinese address for where I need to get the mountain permit. I need to get the GPS co-ordinates off of Google Earth/maps,I have the English address (No.4, Wuling Road, Pingdeng Village, Hoping Township, Taichung Country, Taiwan) but I am not locating anything.

    Thanks for all your help!! Your blog helps me to experience Taiwan.

    1. I do have a post on SyueShan Guide indicating the location on Google map, that shd help you kickstart. The trail will be closed if there is extreme snow fall.

      The permit application can be found here and need IE to view

      Hope the info is good. Glad you found the blog info useful.

  4. wuling baojun 310 mungkin merupakan pilihan yang baik untuk bepergian!