Petzl PIXA 3 Headlamp

Petzl has always been our choice head lamps, with the latest 2011 released of the PIXA series for professional, I have decided to get one due to the nature of my work, the PIXA 3 headlamp that is rated for use in explosive and hazardous environment. 

The head lamp came very robust and it was much bulkier compare to my previous Tikka XP. It did weigh heavier but mainly due to it's reinforce rubberised construction and able to waterproof up to 1m under water. The battery compartment has a seal to provide water and dust from getting in. The beam selector comes with a 3 way knob instead of button for ease when using with gloves. The headlamp comes with 3 beam mode, spot, flood and spot/flood together however it does burn out the battery pretty fast if spot beam is continuously for 3 hours.

The head lamp comes with an adapter to be use with Petzl Helmets, however I did notice that it not very tightly fit and only a small rubber stopper is used to prevent the headlamp from falling. I would suggest for extreme sport, use the headband instead to prevent losing the headlamp. The adapter would only be idea for low impact work or sport.

Flood : 15mtrs (30 lumens 12hrs)
Spot/Flood: 30mtrs (40 lumens 6hrs)
Spot: 55mtrs (50lumens 3hrs)

The flood beam has it own lamp thus making the flood beam more focus where else the Tikka XP uses a diffuser to create the flood beam and making it more distorted.
The video below shows the PIXA 3 in action, watch how the focused the beams

  • crush proof up to 80kg
  • submerge up to 1m of water
  • excellent fall resistance up to 2 mtrs
  • Both the flood and spot bean are more FOCUSED and bright
  • able to adapt to Petzl Vertex Helmets
  • lens can be protected during storage
  • chemical resistance
  • uses AA batteries
  • 3 years warranty
  • Constant lighting till battery level is low and auto switch to Flood mode (10hrs)
  • short battery life
  • heavy and bulky
  • costly

Comparison to Tikka XP (max 40 lumens)
  • PIXA 3 is bulkier and heavier
  • PIXA 3 is brighter and more focus beam (same at 40 lumens)
  • PIXA 3 has only 3 mode selection and Tikka XP has 4 mode 
  • PIXA 3 is more durable 
  • Cost more
  • Max beam range PIXA 3 55mtrs and Tikka 35mtrs
PIXA 3 is definitely a very robust headlamp for any extreme sports such as caving, river tracing or night hiking. The flood/spot beam mode was very well thought off making night manoeuvres more focused so that it allows you to see what is in-front and what is ahead.
The flood beam at 30 lumens was more focus than Tikka XP 40 lumens. However the battery life does not last long but unlike other headlamps it does have a constant beam till battery is low level. 

It does not come with flashing mode or red lighting

PS first generation of MYO XP and Tikka XP that I owned did not last long before it broke down but I am glad Petzl took care of the repair and replacement. However I have faith in the PIXA 3 and will take the abuse much better than any other headlamp

Recommendation- worth the investment

Recently I have forgotten to remove the batteries during storage. Last used the headlamp was 3 months ago and I found the Alkaline batteries had leaked and corroded the IC board. 
Did some cleaning with alcohol and managed to get it back working. So remember to remove the batteries when not in use. 

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