DIY Heat Reflector cum Windscreen 自製登山爐擋風板

During the last overnight MTB camping trip, I tried using the DIY mini-windscreen with the Alpine Stove and it was not very effective. The strong wind was blowing from all directions and the flame from the stove was not very constant, making cook time very slow.

I decided to reconstruct another windscreen that can improve the fuel efficiency yet it does not take up space and can be packed with the cookset. The end result, it provides maximum coverage against the wind, the windscreen will also act as a heat reflector and improve the cooking time.

I took a MSR heat reflector for this project. This heat reflector is used on cold ground and helps improve the cooking time. However you can use an Aluminum food tray or pie tray that can be found very cheaply in most supermarkets. The thickness of the food tray is almost the same as the MSR heat reflector making them very easy to bend, cut and form a shape. Here's a blog to give you an idea.

First I took the stove template and make the markings. Slowly using a penknife and cut the markings out. 首先,把錫箔紙包覆在登山爐上抓出一個爐嘴只支架的模型並作出標記然後慢慢地用小刀切割開。

 The shape cut out is not perfect so you might have to do a few more trimmings.
Using my pot, place it in the center of the heat reflector and slowly bend all the sides up until it form a circular cup. 用一個鍋放在中心然後慢慢的將外緣往內凹,直到它形成一個圓形杯子的形狀。

Next insert the heat reflector and slowly push it down towards the stove, you might have to do some trimming on the edges. Remember the heat reflector must be slightly below the flame outlet otherwise it will not be effective. Also note if you have an auto ignition, make sure the aluminum does not touch the needle otherwise your auto ignition will not work.

Using with Pot 用於小鍋

Using with fry pan 用於平底鍋

Packing the Windscreen cum Heat Reflector

This idea came to me when I saw Snow Peak had a similar product however Snow Peak design did not allow a full wind coverage on the stove and there is a gap between the pot and stove. Wind was still able to blow through the windscreen. Some guy on Youtube made a test using a fan and after 5mins he was not able to boil 2 cups of water.
這種想法的產生是當我看到Snow Peak的產品,但它的設計無法完全擋住風而且鍋和爐灶之間縫隙很大。風仍然能夠通過擋風板吹進。有些人在Youtube上做了一個試驗,使用風扇模擬戶外的風邊吹邊煮了5分鐘,始終沒能煮滾2杯水的量。

When constructing this Heat Reflector cum Windscreen, I have to note that it must cover the pot base and also allow some air to pass through between the pot and stove otherwise the flame will not burn properly. This was achieved by cutting a bigger circle than the stove and the corrugated design on the windscreen will allow some air in.

Personally I feel this is a better windscreen, not only it packs with you cook set but it takes lesser time to cook. Should be able to use on most stove with this design. No harm trying as you can buy this cheap aluminum tray from supermarket and it take less than 15min to make one.