SyuHai Hot Spring 旭海溫泉

Newly renovated Syu Hai Hotspring 
Updated 2 Jul 2012

Pingtung County
GPS: N22 11.382 E120 52.625

Update: Aug 2011, the old school hotspring was being renovated

Latest Update 1 Apr 2010

The public hot spring is closed due to lack of response, however the old school hot spring building is still in operation. The bath house is separated by gender. It is free for use but there are few rules you have to follow because this is also a bath place use by the local. You will need to wash before you get into the pool and you will have to be totally naked. No swim wear is allow, it goes the same for the woman bath area too. The temperature of the pool is around 45 deg.

Last Visited: 19 Feb 2010
The first thing you come out from route 199 mountain road is this hot spring. According to the local this is a new establishment which is being look after by them. At the moment the entry fee is NT30 with a unlimited time use of single open spa pool around 45 deg C, feet spa pool and a shower cum changing room. If you do not wish to pay, just beside it there is a building for free usage of spa where the temperature of the water is around 50 deg C however when I entered the Men's area, it doesn't seems to be maintained. Do note that each sexes have their own joint.

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