Snow Peak GigaPower Fuel 110 IsoPro

Just went out to get this canister for my coming trip. Initially I was planning to use the Alps Gas Canister which weighs around 400g full. After much consideration and calculating the fuel I was burning just to boil 400ml of water with 10g of fuel. The Alps Gas Canister would be overkill and it takes up space in my 17L pack for Solo 3 days 2 night trip.  

According to the specification, the Snow Peak GigaPower Fuel 110 IsoPro weighs only 200g. The empty canister weight is 90g and the mixture of Propane and Iso Butane weighs 110g. This mixture will create at low freezing temperature a high flame output. However my trip is neither high attitude nor freezing temperature, main aim is to get the right gear for the trip. 

If my calculation is correct, with 110g of fuel, that means I can boil 400ml of water 11 times and if I use the stove 3 times a day, should be able to use this canister for 3.5 days

size comparison

comes with a dust cap
previous packing with Alps Gas Canister

Snow Peak GigaPower nested nicely in my EPI Titan Cookset

using the Gas Refill Adapter 

managed to squeeze in another 24g of fuel

The Snow Peak GigaPower Fuel 110 IsoPro is expensive costing more than 3 time the price of Alps Gas Canister. However if you look from another angle, you can reused the canister if you have the Gas Refill Adapter. This canister is small and light enough for solo 3 days hike. If you are not sharing stove in group camping, then this will be the ideal canister size. I bought it because of the canister size and not the quality of gas mixture. As much as I know, over here only Snow Peak has the canister of such size. 

Well, I will let you guys know if my 3 days trip is sufficient with this canister but definitely it is sufficient for 1 to 2 days off-road trip. 

Model: GP-110G
Material: Aluminium
Empty Canister: 90g
Gas: Propane and Iso Butane 110g
Made in Japan

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