Instant Vegetables

Previously we had a dehydrator but sold it away because we found it was not cost saving. The electricity used to dehydrate those food had eaten into our utility bills. You can read HERE on our Dehydrated Food. 

We found off the shelf dehydrated vegetables, they are cheaper compare we do it ourselves. This will allow us to carry light weight vegetables if we are hiking and they cook pretty  fast. Below are two packs of dehydrated vegetables, high mountain cabbage and seaweed. I can't remember how much the seaweed cost but the high mountain cabbage cost below NT100. 


very ideal for instant noodles, just scoop a spoon full and add to your noodles


We found these imported instant Japanese Miso Soup, they come in 3 different flavor, the silver packing itself is the miso paste. The package comes in 12 serving. 

Prefer to use just the Miso paste with dehydrated seaweed, makes a very tasty Miso Seaweed Soup

Packed and ready for camping.

dried shrimps and anchovies can be eaten at their current state, these are another option which can be added with the dehydrated vegetables. 

 PS if you need these vegetables let us know, we got it just around our area.

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