FLYYE Small Accessories Pouch

Sometimes when you are backpacking and need to access stuff like camera, quick snacks or small tools, it can be very frustrating if you have to remove your backpack just to get to these stuff. The solution, Flyye small accessories pouch. 

Size: 15 x 11 x 4 cm
Weight: 95g
Material: 1000D Cordura Nylon

The Flyye pouch came with a military graded material which makes it tough to handle all kinds of terrain. What I like about the pouch is the size, sufficient enough to squeeze most of the stuff that I often needed. It comes with a button belt loop which makes it very handy to remove and put back on and you can hook anywhere on you backpack or belt. The sides of the pouch has webbing straps which later realise my pocket knife and Leathman Wave could fit in it. It comes with a 2 way zipper which can be handled with gloves on. 

10cm long button belt loop 

there is a loop in the main pocket, guess is for hooking up your key chain

gourmet drainage hole 

pocket knife and multitool on each sides

mobile phone, wallet, camcorder and tripod and there is still space

attaching to the hip belt REI Flash 65 backpack

attaching options on Camelbak hip strap

or just anywhere on the backpack

A recent video that I made on a MTB trail using the Panasonic SW20 camcorder, I had used the MagForce and Flyye pouch. The Flyye pouch that was attached to the side was very handy. Each time when I finished videoing, I just slip the camcorder with the tripod attached into the Flyye pouch with ease. Maybe you can catch a glimpse on the pouches in action on video.
One suggestion I would recommend, if you are backing using this pouch. It will be nice to carry a nylon belt which doesn't take up space or weight. This option is great when you have to leave your big backpack behind to go for a short trail or somewhere else. With all your important stuff in this pouch, use the Nylon belt and attached to your hip and you have all your important stuff with you. Ok....that is if your pants do not come with any belt.

Ideal Usage
  • Personal stuff
  • First Aid Kit
  • Survival Kit
  • Accessories Kit