Toiletry Kit

Many of us over packed our toiletry kit, bring alot of unnecessary stuff and carrying alot of oversize items. 

After investing in many different kind of toiletry bags, our best option is to use a sandwich Ziploc bag. The clear bag helps to see the items clearly  making much easier to remove the content needed. I have decided to repacked my toiletry kit into 3 days and 7 days kit for all kinds of camping.

3 days Toiletry Kit weighing only 103gm. 
Items are disposable towel, toilet roll, toothbrush and paste, 30ml Campsuds, hand sanitizer, floss, cotton bud, shaver and cream.

Toiletry Kit for Kids
I used to prepare toiletry kits for our kids and they each would carry it with them. This allow them to be responsible and they do not have to come running to us for their toiletries. The Kit can be put together easily, items are all from the Hotels; mini bar soap, ready packed shampoo, toilet roll, cotton bud, toothbrush and paste, all stored in a Ziploc bag. 

Repacking and Reduction
The trick is to resize most of the items, thus carrying smaller and lesser weight. Do not use any glass containers, they are fragile and heavy. Sometimes the container might not be watertight, the trick is to use plumber tape over it. Most of the toiletries were taken from hotels that we have stayed in, they are small, lightweight and disposable, great items for light weigh camping. Only a handful of the items we thought was worth investing. Below are some items we have put together for our First Aid Kit and Toiletry Kit

Campsuds is a boi-degradable cleaner, you only need a few drops for washings, shower including washing hair. It basically cleans everything even with salt water. Resized the 500ml into smaller bottles. 

Hand Sanitiser, only need a feel drops to clean your hand

Nivea sun lotion resized into smaller packable bottle, the bottle is from a contact lens eye drop.

Hotel toothbrush resized to make it packable, the weigh was reduced by half.

Dental floss and cotton ear bud in separate Ziploc bag

Hotel disposable shaver resized to make it more packable

Motel Disposable Towel, lightweight and compact

Hotel soap bar and Campsuds, you can get this small container from DIASO, they are great for storing Hotel mini soap bar.

Toilet Roll, never leave home without it. The paper core was removed so that it can be compact, used a separate Ziploc bag, sometimes you just need only this item to do urgent business.  

Disposable Contact Lens, they are more hygiene and you do have to carry extra contact lens cleaner.  

OFF insect repellent repacked into smaller spray bottle from DIASO 

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