Sight is one of our most important senses, without sight our world will be in darkness. So proper eye protection is very important during outdoor. It helps you to protect from dust, objects hitting your eye and most important is the UV rays from the Sun. Did you know in Australia almost 90% of the people wears a sunglasses when they are outdoor. However in Taiwan very few people have it on. 

There are many different types of sunglasses in the market, we have been a loyal fan of Oakley products for years. Not because of the brand but their services. At anytime we can send in our glasses for repair, if the glasses are out of production and can't be repaired, they are willing to trade-in the old glasses for a newer model. Yes, Oakley is expensive and we have tried many models. Finally found the best model for all lifestyle is the Oakley Half Jacket, sadly it has stop production.

In recent years another brand have caught our attention. Uvex started making industrial safety glasses which we used often, now they have ventured into commercial market, they are far cheaper compare to Oakley. Their construction is simple, mostly of plastic resin material which makes the glasses lightweight. You can check out their products HERE.

Choosing correct lens is rather important, there are many colors and types such as polarize lens. It is best you try the sunglasses outdoor before buying. Depending on your outdoor activities, you should always use the correct lens. Under constant tree coverage, transition lens work best but rather expensive. Otherwise yellow or orange lens work well in low sunlight area and they are good for night usage as well. At the beach or top of the mountain, you will want a darker lens, this will help to protect your eyes from the reflection from the sand or sky where UV ray is high. 
yellow and orange lens

transition lens

darker lens for extreme sunlight

dark lens for cloudy day 

If you are like me a bi-spectacle guy, I have another prescribed transition glasses for daily use. They work rather well in most condition. If I am into serious outdoor action I would use disposable contact lens with my Sunglasses. Having 2 pairs of glasses or lens for low and extreme light is worth the investment. Just ask yourself how much your eyes worth. 

Tip for protecting your sunglasses is by adding a glasses neck band. You can buy off the shelf or you can use a Paracord to make one. It will protect your glasses from accidentally dropping to the ground and causing scratches to the lens. It work well for me during mountain biking. To remove my sunglasses, I just hang it on my neck. I have dropped to many times to learn this lesson. 

Eye ware investment.

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  1. Very cool sunglasses! I will bought this one for my hiking and a camping tents for our adventure trip during weekends.