Garmin nuvi 2565RT

Garmin has released its latest nuvi 2565RT. The 5-inch unit has a user-positionable DDR-10 camera that records 720p HD video onto a microSD, which is clipped onto the windshield mount.

Video recordings are geo-tagged that means Lat and Lon, Speed, Time/Date are recorded. This information and can be reviewed and save immediately or transfer to a computer for archiving. 

Its comes with the usual functions, text to speech, Bluetooth for handsfree kit, speed camera alerts, optional real-time traffic updates, various pre-installed POIs and can accommodate up to 100 saved routes and 1,000 user POIs.

At the moment Garmin nuvi 2565RT is available only in Taiwan selling at NT11, 990 (US400). There are plans for Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. As for U.S. and European there is no word of release. 



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