Firesteel Modification

Here are some examples you can modified the Fire-Steel to more practical use.

Remove the useless handle and fire striker, use a small length of Paracord outer shield and wrap it around with a 1 inch Duct Tape. You can wrap more if you want so that your emergency duct tape is on your firesteel. I have used half a meter of red duct tape which will be used for trail markings, at the same time the duct tape makes a practical handle that I can use for repairs.

Here is another option for a Leatherman Survival Kit. With the Firesteel handle removed, I can slot the firesteel into the side pocket.

2 x band aid, 1 x cotton bud, 2 x iodine stick, 10mtrs inner Paracord yarn, 1mtr Paracord, compass, tinder, firesteel, paper, signal mirror, whistle, mini-flash light.

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