Boker OEM Subcom Folding Knife

This is an OEM Boker Subcom Folding Knife, that is really compact and lightweight. The intention was to prepare a Survival Kit for my son and this knife will come in very handy. The design of the knife has many strong features. Although the blade is short but it compensates with the width thickness which gives the blade extra strength. From the factory the blade comes razor sharp. The handle is grooved inwards so that you will get a firm grip and the knife does not slip from your hand.  

Compact Size: 70mm
Unfolded size: 115mm
Weight: 70g
Blade length: 60mm 
blade size comparison

spring locking device
The blade itself has a finger notch on both sides to assist in opening the blade for both left and right handed person however I felt it was in a way, so I removed it. Opening and closing of the blade will need a little effort as it is compact. The complete knife is made of stainless steel except the top part is of raisin. 

Overall this is a compact knife ideal for everyday carry which is unnoticeable. The construction quality is average, design and compactness is really great. Ideal for EDC, compact survival kit, emergency rescue or those who do not like carrying a big knife while hiking on a trail. It is so compact that you can clip on the harness of the backpack and you do not even notice it is there. This an advantage for quick access for a cutting tool during emergency especially handling ropes. 

After watching the movie 127 Hours based on a true story, realised the importance that all my knife should come with a lanyard that I can loop around my hand and not those fancy lanyard braiding that I cannot loop with.

PS the original Boker Plus Subcom is selling around USD24 what I have here is an OEM version.

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