550 Paracord The Guts

Inside the 550 Paracord there are 7x1mm nylon yarns aka "the guts" and each yarn there is another smaller 3 ply yarns which provide strength to the Paracord. Some survivalist would suggest taking a 30ft (9.1mtrs) or 100ft (30.48mtrs) of  Paracord with you for survival or camping. I never had a chance of fully utilising the 550 Paracord, so one day I decided to simulate a condition where I need to access the Paracord inner strands from a 10mtrs 550 Paracord. 

I soon realised removing the 7 yarns was not as easy as I thought, it took me almost one and a half hour to fully removed and fully coiled each of the nylon yarn. At time some of the nylon yarns would entangled up. Assuming if you are in the wild, do you have the space and time to remove these inner yarns from a 10mtrs Paracord? Show me if you have a faster method.

To make things much easier, I have decided to add these yarns as part of my compact survival kit. I do not have to use all the 7 yarns, 2 yarns already provide 20mtrs of usefulness for sewing, fishing line, tying stuff up, making trap, making shelter etc. Moreover if you want a compact survival kit, these yarns do not take up space. If you are traveling, you should take these yarns with you, it will be useful for emergency backpack repair or as a clothe line. You never know what comes next..... Now I need to find a big needle.

The Paracord outer shield is use for lanyards and wire saw protective cover

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