Commando Wire Saw

I have the BCB version for many years and found it was effective. There are many types of wire saw but I wanted to get the same as the BCB. Found a supplier and order a few to try it out. Below are some info how to improve the wire saw and a demo I put on YouTube.

close up view of the wire saw edge

I wrap the wire saw with the Paracord outer housing for protection also able to carry as an EDC. If you need to get a wire saw, make sure it has a swivel. This will help to prevent the wire saw from more stress as it is able to self adjust. Most of the wire saw that do not come with a swivel breaks at the end part.

attached to key chain and EDC  

I removed the split ring handle but use the Paracord that warp around the wire saw as handle. If gives a better grip and also to lessen the weight.

My Demo
On this vid pay close attention to how I grip the wire saw, I do not use the split ring handle.

Using Wire Saw as Bow Saw


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