P-38 Can Opener 開罐器

It survives World War II, sees action in Korean and Vietnam War today it still serves the Army. The US Army P-38 can opener is every Marine survival tool. Those days, most of the combat ration comes in can and without this little tool, it will prove a hard time opening the cans. It is called P-38 for 2 reasons, the size of the can opener is 38mm and it takes 38 times to open the can. 

I have tried many can openers such as Swiss Army, Leatherman etc. Nothing beats the P-38 can opener. It is easy and simple to use. Small enough to keep in your wallet or with your EDC. This is my 25 years old P-38 and it is still serving me.

I am surprise in Taiwan not many people know about this little tool. If you are preparing a survival kit or a Bug Out Bag, a can opener is a must have tool in Urban Survival. Below is a video on its effectiveness against a bigger can.

The base of the P-38 can be used as a screwdriver 

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