Mechanix Wear Gloves

Gloves are one of the essential gear for any outdoor activities. This is one piece of gear many will not consider in their kit because they felt it is not necessary. From experience point of view, having a pair of gloves will prevent hand injury from falling during biking, getting cuts while hiking or any work related involved cutting tools. Even survivalist such as Mykel Hawke will have a pair of Special Forces gloves with him.

Mechanix Wear Gear has been the favorite hand gear for many, such as F1 Race Teams or Special Forces. Apparently on the internet, they are selling very cheaply around NT300 and we got a pair to tried it out. Comparing to my first pair of Mechanix Wear Gloves 10 year ago, the construction and material used seems similar. They come in many color but I prefer the black version. 

This pair of gloves has stretchable breathable spandex on the top so you do not feel too tight or too hot. On the palm side, simulated leather is used. Unlike leather, the material will not harden after drying and it felt comfortable on any grip.

Overall the construction is pretty good. If you are thinking that cotton gloves can do the job much cheaply than you are so wrong. I have used them and they are only good for mostly one time use. Cotton gloves will come loose when wet or sometime it will slip out of your hand, at this point the gloves will create a hazard. 

The gloves are made from China

One trick I learn from experience during biking days,  wet weather I would used a pair of latex or PVC gloves to put over it and the hand gloves will stay dry and warm from the cold wind. You can find these latex gloves from Pharmacy.

Gloves in Action

Hiking and Biking 

Rock Climbing

Camp Work

Overall this is a great pair "All Purpose" gloves but I think this is not the Original Mechanix Wear gear however it does feel the same and most important get the job done. 6 months into use, the gloves have no major flaw except for the valcro tearing off from the seams but that was easily fix with hot gluing. The Original Mechanix Gloves have the words as "The Original" and not just "Original"


  1. As far as my survivalist DIY list goes, the mechanix wear gloves are extremely important. Some of the features that have proven helpful are: machine washable, flexible thermal plastic rubber closure and form-fitting trek-dry. Another resourceful survivalist gear is a pen gun: