Duct Tape Usage

Duct Tapes are one of the essential item in any outdoor sports and Survival Kit. We carry our duct tape when cycling, motorcycling, car, hiking, basically every outdoor sports. They are so strong that you can use it to tie a person up. They are also waterproof thus you can use for First Aid, emergency repair and waterproofing. This is one of the most used items in our Survival Kit. 

Capsule Survival Kit
4m duct tapes, 10m Paracord inner strand, 2m snare wire and 6m fishing line
Recently we replenished our duct tape. We have the Silver and Red 2.5cm (1") duct tapes. We warp around the capsule Survival Kit so that it does not take up space and it is easier to access when needed. From experience, our preferred choice for outdoor is the 2.5cm rather than the 5cm duct tape size as it is easier for any small work to be done. The 5cm (2") would be better for major emergency repair such as securing a car bumper. We added the Red duct tape to be use as emergency makers when lost in wilderness, any SAR team passing by will know that we are there and also to prevent us from going round the bush.

Our Duct Tape Usage

  • First Aid (closing wounds to prevent infection, blister etc)
  • Emergency Repair (tent, backpacks, vehicle, bicycle, shoes, clothes and many more)
  • Emergency Markers
  • Waterproofing


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