DIY 耐水性迷你太陽能手電筒 Water Resistance Mini-Solar Flashlight

This is a nice cheap made in China mini Solar Flashlight. Ideal to use as a backup lamp or Survival Kit lamp but the problem is if you are outdoor, this lamp would need to be exposed to sunlight in order to charge the internal battery. I once encounter an incident during river crossing and  dropped it into the water, immediately the flashlight did not work.  

In order to allow this mini solar flashlight expose to the outdoor elements, I decided to embark a simple project to make it water resistance and also to glow in the dark when the flashlight goes missing.

Permatex Silicon Gasket is normally used on engine parts, here I use it for making gasket around the flashlight
Permatex 矽膠粘膠通常是使用在引擎零件中,我將其粘在手電筒密合處讓水進不去

the hardest sealing area are the LED housing, had to seal the outside as well
最難粘的是LED的表面 燈的外部也要粘

Water test and it still works 

Night Glow on both side of the flashlight 

If you wish to have one made for you, send us an email. Local price NT85, International Order please CLICK HERE.

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