DIY Headlamp Spare Battery Storage

Ever use your headlamp and run out of battery, worst case you forgot to bring spare battery. I decided to make a spare battery storage for the headlamp so that the spare battery is always there, at the same time able to store the used rechargeable battery.

found a small plastic medicine container and a strip of foam insulation

fitted nicely, no rattling 

plumber tape to make the screw cap watertight

Added reflective tape

added few layers of Red duct tape for repair or emergency trail markers

Hmm...looks funny

Decided to conceal in between the head band

Added reflective tape

Removed the Red duct tape because it looked bulky 

added a elastic band to get the shape 

Final product, a spare battery storage with rear safety reflector. The head band is still able to be adjusted just by slipping the Ty-rap.

Fellow reader asked if adding the spare battery storage won't it cause the head band to slip. The storage case including the batteries weighs only 50gm, so it will not cause any slippage.


  1. 很好的創意!! 不過因 PETZL TIKKA XP 並沒有設計頭部中間的輔助帶,若是在後方加上備用電池,直接配戴時 (不加帽),會不會因為過重而造成頭燈老是下滑?? 或者,就利用雙耳頂著?? :Q

  2. @朱雀,
    謝謝您發表評論. 電池是4號電池3顆+電池盒總重量為約50公克所以沒帶帽子尚不至下滑