CiT MX Alcohol Stove Upgrade

This is an upgrade on the existing MX alcohol stove. This upgrade is for the purpose of using narrow pot such as Heineken pot. This is done by manufacturing 3 pot supports using a steel clothe hanger. Apparently the boil time seems faster than the existing MX stove however the fuel efficiency was shorter by 2mins. For those who owns the MX stove, below are the details on the upgrade.
using a piece of paper, mark out the circumference of the base and cut the circle shape out

Remove the stove diffuser and mark the holes accordingly. There are 24 jet holes so every eighth hole is 120 deg. Place the template on the diffuser and mark the 3 holes. The hole diameter is 2.5mm but that depends hanger size. I would suggest before using the 2.5mm drill first create a pilot hole. Drill the same diameter on the stove jet holes. The idea is to have the pot support going through the stove.

After few test on different pot support to obtain the best clearance between the stove and pot. The ideal length of the pot support is 85mm which give a clearance of 20mm between the pot and stove. The material use is from a steel hanger which is 2.3mm diameter and can be cut using a pair of plier. Cut 3 length around 130~140mm long. Using the plier, bent the shape as on the picture starting from the top; 30mm then follow by 20mm. When all is finished trimmed off the excess length.

Next file off the ends of the pot supports and place the onto the stoves.


Time taken to boil from the minute the stove was lighted up around 8.30mins that is included the stove primming time, the actual boil time should be between 6.30 ~ 7 mins. (Test done on Heineken Pot)
Boil time will varies depending on fuel type and pot material/size

 Alcohol Stove Pot Support configuration for wide and narrow pot


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