Using Hennessy Hammock as Bivy

This post is for fellow fans who own the Hennessy Hammock . How to use the hammock without trees or poles.

Below I have taken some pictures to give you an idea how you can setup the Hammock as a Bivy. Just a trekking pole or a stick otherwise in the pictures below, I have used a bike seat and 4 pegs to spread the tarp and hammock.

Just loop the rope around the bike seat. If you prefer to have a higher head room you can raise the seat post.

Position the entrance at the higher end of the tarp.

The feet position will be at the lower end of the tarp. If you prefer to have more ventilation, you can use additional sticks on the other three corners of the trap, just raise the height a little. During cold weather, the ground might be cold, use a space blanket (survival blanket) as a ground sheet for insulation. 

Here is a vid or how to use the hammock during cold weather. 


  1. Thanks for the pics! I've been wanting a Hennesy for a long time.

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