Survival Blanket

So another freak weather, it is good that you are reading this blog in the comfort of your home. How about those got stranded in railway station or airport under heavy snow. Last Christmas you might seen the news how the passengers got stranded in London, Heathrow Airport. The winter was so bad that the airport had to be closed and passenger getting nowhere. The weather was colder than anyone expected and what are you going to do? 

During Winter season there are many related hypothermia deaths around the world. Some freeze on the street others trap in their cars or lost hiker stranded by foul weather. Hypothermia is when ones body's temperature drop below the core temperature, in order to keep our body retaining the temperature, survival blanket would be the idea choice as it is compact and light to carry. This item is a must have for all rescue or first aid parties.  
Many of us do not know what is a survival blanket aka space blanket or emergency blanket, thinking it is some outdoor stuff that is least important. Here is an insight to what you can use a survival blanket for. Survival blanket not only helps you to keep warm during unexpected cold weather, there are many other uses to it. 

  • Keeping Warm - most basic use of survival blanket, you can use this if your sleeping bag is not sufficient to keep you warm.
  • Building Shelters - watch Youtube how to make shelter
  • Rain Poncho - watch above Youtube on the last segment
  • Heat Reflector Poncho - use just like rain poncho to reflect sunlight to keep you cooler
  • Wind Breaker - same as rain poncho
  • Signaling - SOS help
  • Water Collection
  • First Aid - use when victim going into shock or failing body tempertaure
  • Fire Reflector - built as shelter with fire infront 
  • Tent Ground Sheet - as ground insulation
  • Tent Fly Heat Reflector - reflect sun's heat so that the tent can be cooler
  • Bivvy Bag - as sleeping bag

There are many types of Survival Blankets in the market, size around 160 x 210cm and weights 60 to 100g. The cheaper version which sells below USD5.00, normally are disposable blankets however it is recommended to reuse if it is not damage. Getting 2 of these blankets is a good idea, if you are building shelter, you can use the other as a ground sheet or a bivvy bag. Otherwise throw one to your partner in time of needs just like those stranded passenger.  

If you are a hiker, camper or traveler and have not got one, think about it. You can live 3 days without water or a week without food but you will never last a night if you can't keep yourself warm. Do you want to gamble for the SAR team to come in time for you.

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