Winter Camping in Kenting Nov 2010

26 Nov~01 Dec 2010
Winter?? Well we just came back from 6 days camping in Kenting. While other parts of Taiwan is cold and hazy, Kenting is sunny and cooling in the night. Looks like the best time to visit. 

We have spent 4 days RV camping at DaYuanShan Campsite just to enjoy the sun and sea. In between we spent a night at Sheding Nature Park 社頂自然公園 to view morning sunrise. Our friends later joined us at DaYuanShan for an over night camping with family.

All packed and ready to go. We try to keep our packs minimum, a food pack, backpack and personal pack. Oh...Plus a DIY doggy pack

Sea View RV Camping at DaYuanShan. 

Taking Siboy for a sunny cool dip

Friends joined us at DaYuanShan Camp
Ah Yoa's RV Camping. Recently he purchased a side tent that attached to the vehicle able to accommodate 8 to 10 people. Takes about 10mins to setup,we are thinking of getting one for ourself.   

Ah Yao's idea of using his Delica Van as a Campervan to sleep 4 persons. After removing everything from the van, he used the steel frame and wooden plank to construct the bed. During weekdays, his van is used for his work so he can only construct in this manner.

Chinfan with her new folding stove. Preparing marshmellow party for the kids

An interesting folding BBQ stove, almost similar to Snow Peak design but cost much lesser  

Day 3 we camp over at Sheding Nature Park 社頂自然公園 to watch sun rise

Sunset at DaYuanShan

Sea Creature you find in the night on the shoreline of DaYuanShan Camp
 sea cucumber and no idea what is that

crabby meal

more crab and sea urchin 

Coastline Night prowler

Night entertainment, iPod nano with x-mini speaker, Taiwan beer and a beetle

Siboy reluctant to head back home after 6 days of nature camping trip

Places we ate
Located just at the entrance of Hengchun town if you are coming from Kenting. They sell variety of steam bun "Boa". We bought 7 different flavour. 

Located at Hobihu fishery port, the sashimi there is a real deal, 20 thick pieces for NT100. However the rest of the seafood is rather expensive. Best pack to go the sashimi. 


  1. Looks like fun. We're planning on going tent camping in Kenting in Jaunuary. Thanks for the inspiration and a great website.

  2. Thanks for the comment. hope you guys have fun in Kenting.
    Oh..if you are planning cooking. Get your fresh supplies from Hengchun town, there is a supermart for all your needs. If you need more tips, let us know.