Universal USB Battery Charger Card Reader

Finally this product landed on my desk. What is unique about it? It is a super mini light weight battery chargers using 5V USB connection to charge most camera and handphone batteries. No more lugging around all those AC chargers that came with your phone or camera. There are so many options you can use this miniature chargers to juice up your batteries and I will show you how but first the details.

size: 46mm x 26mm x 25.5mm
weight: 10g
Application: Windows 2000/XP/ME and Vista, Mac9.2, Mac OS, Linux, Red Hat
Memory Card: TF microSD card max 16G
Transmission Speed: USB2.0
Power: 5V USB Interface model A
Charging Current: 5Vdc 200~200mA suitable for lithium batteries 3.6~3.7V
Input Volt: 5Vdc +/-0.25V
Output Volt: 4.2Vdc +/-0.05V

The charger comes with a key chain which I find it useless

How small is it? About the size of AA battery and weight around 10g

Simply press the jaw and adjust the connection to match with your battery. One thing unique it auto detects your battery polarity so you do not have to worry if you have place the battery wrongly. 

When plug to 5Vdc, the green light will show up, red light is to indicate battery is charging. After charging is complete, the green light will show up again.

The card reader (microSD up to 16G) cum USB connection can be retracted 

When plug to the laptop, the card reader worked perfectly well

The charger is built simply and the PCB is interfaced with the USB connection

Charging with AC to USB 5V adaptor, you can use a 12V to USB 5V car adpator

Charging with Solar portable battery

Here is a note, according to the specification it says suitable for Lithium batteries but I tried with Li-Polymer batteries and it work fine. Also do note the battery voltage of 3.6 to 3.7V. I have not tried anything above that but if you do, let me know.

How light are you going to travel? 

 For outdoor, a portable battery and Universal USB Battery Charger 
For travel holidays, an AC adaptor and Universal USB Battery Charger 
The USB cable is optional

For the price, the product is not built to the highest quality but it did performed well. It gives an option for light weight backpacking or as a backup charger. If you worry it fails, carry 2 of these chargers and it does not take up space and weighs to nothing compare to those AC charger. We felt it is a deserving product to own so we have contacted the supplier and plan to bring in a volume, we will post on Facebook when it is in. Expect retail price below USD10.00.

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