Sunrise at Sheding Nature Park 社頂自然公園

28 Nov 2010
Sheding Nature Park is located just beside Kenting National Park. It is not a very big park and can be covered in half a day's walk. Entrance is FOC so anyone can just stroll in. Last year we found a lovely place in this park overlooking the Pacific Ocean and thought it was a great idea to camp overnight just to watch sunrise the next morning. Finally we decided to embark this short trip to the park.

There is an unofficial entrance to the park that we found last year when we were mountain biking around Kenting. This time, we decided to bring in our campervan but before we did that, we need to be sure the path is still there. We took a short hike around the off beaten path that connects to the park main walk ways

The park is filled wild life, this is the second time we came across a deer in the park and it just ran across our path into the foliage. My camera was quick enough to take their droppings.
Tips: In order to get such a rare glimpse, you have to be off the path. 

Finally we found the trail that connects to the main park pathway, our camping ground would be at the grassland. From the minor gorge we took a slow stroll and towards the gralssland and from there detour to the direction of the toilet where there is another off-beaten path. 

Minor Gorge

Grassland our intended camp ground

The toilet has running water but no lightings in the night. It is less than 50meters away to our intended camp ground

Just beside the toilet there is a path that will lead us back to our campervan

While hiking back to the campervan, we found an ideal place to park our vehicle for a night and it is nearer to our camp ground. However you will need a 4x4 to get there.

Preparing lunch before we pack our bags for camping

Sardine with onions and chilli and fried eggs

Everyone has their own back pack

Our decade old 4 season Walrus Terramoto 3.0 tent

Relaxing on our Thermarest and enjoying a great view over looking the ocean 

Spotted two mountain goats on a rocky hill from our camp ground. My camera could only zoom so far but lucky I had a monocular to get a good view.

A bottle of Kinmen Kaoliang 38 to go with the night

sesame oil duck for dinner and braised chicken feet for supper.

Listening to the world band radio and watching the stars over a clear cool night 

After a day of chasing wild noises from the forest.

At 6AM, morning has spoken.  

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