Paracord Dog Collar 2 Tone

Our dog is growing, so I have to redo another collar for him. But this time I have done it differently but still using a Cobra stitch. 

You can use this method for your bracelet. You do not have to use a key chain, instead make a knot at the end of the base rope, just before the end of the stitch, loop the knot and see if it is too loose or tight. Here I am using 2 length of paracord, one as a base and the other as the stitch. I feel this method is much better and easier to control.

The following are the steps you can follow. 

Measure the loop around your pet, make sure you give 2 to 3 finger spacing so that is not too tight. Join the paracord together with the key ring in it. I will call this as base rope since this will be the size of the collar.

Measurement of the base rope is from the key ring to the end of the loop will be the size of the collar. I have used a suction hook to hold the base rope while I work the stitches. Before you start stitching, make sure the joint part is at the middle of the base rope.

You can do a single tone collar but here I have used 2 different color paracord to get 2 tone collar. Just heat the 2 ends and join them together. Place the joined part in the middle of the base rope and follow the steps below till you work almost the end of the base rope. The stitch is rather simple, green over top, black over green, black loop behind, black over green again and pull in tight.

If you plan to add a D-ring for the leash. I have picked the middle of the base rope for the D-ring and run the cobra stitch through it. 

When you are at the end, trim off the the excess rope and heat it with a lighter.


  1. Using paracord as a dog collar gets the best of both worlds in terms of purpose and style. It will make your dog stand out in a sea of conventional leather and chain collars. It is also a very durable material that will last a very long time. Read more about it here: