Multi Tool Axe & Hammer Combo

Couple of years ago I came across this unique multi tool but did not pay much attention to the needs as I do not require any axe or hammer function in the places I camped in South East Asia. However when we started camping in Taiwan, we realised we needed a hammer. Reasons were, at some campsites they have make do platform for tents but sometimes they are too big for us to tie our guylines and we needed hammer and nails to assist. The other reason is Taiwan ground is way too hard to peg our tent pegs, a hammer or mallet is needed to do the job. Finally we have this multi-tool and have assisted us in many camping trips around Taiwan.

The axe and hammer combo multi tool did feel good on the weight side. Weighing around 500g it felt good using the hammer to hammer down nails and tent pegs. The axe is alittle bit under size to chop any big logs but still capable of doing it's function only needed more time and energy. As it has a pliers function, it  does hinder having a good grip on the tool but that is does compensate with a wooden handle and a locking device.

The axe is not razor sharp but a few stone grinding work will do the job and it comes with a rubber protection.

handle locking device

pliers and other sets of multi tool

wooden handle inlay

Nylon sheath with belt holder. 


  • 2” Edge Axe with Protective Rubber Cover
  • 3/4” Face Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • 3” Knife Blade
  • 3” Chisel Blade
  • Can and Bottle Opener
  • Wrench
  • 3/4” Blade Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 3” Wood Saw Blade
  • Fish Hook Remover Edge
  • 3” Serrated Edge Blade
  • Flat head Screwdriver End
  • File Edge
  • Wooden Handle
  • Locking Handle
  • Nylon Sheath

Overall the inexpensive  multi-tool costing around US15.00 is made of harden stainless steel and a wooden  handle inlay. The rest of the tool sets does served it decent functions well but for the price do not expect quality of Leatherman.  Personally we felt this is an indispensable tool to have camping in Taiwan, if you have not owned any multi-tool, you might consider this such tool. Great for RV minimalist camping tool but if you are a light weight hiker, maybe this not. More enquires can be made HERE.


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  2. For me, axes are probably the most basic backpacking items to bring, but it is one of the most useful because it can be a utility tool and a defense weapon as well. I would have to agree that pairing this with a very competent multi-tool will completely elevate your backpacking experience. Learn more about axes here: