Going up Beidawushan 北大武山 Trail

14 Dec 2010
Last weekend after 8Da mass camping, we left on Sunday morning around 1030am for Beidawiahan trial head, hoping to get a short hike. The road almost arriving Beidawushan is not ideal for salon cars. We found that it was difficult to park our vehicle as it became a one way road since 88 disaster. Another note, there were too many vehicle up there during weekend and making a U-turn down the mountain was not an easy task. 

Our thoughts if you plan to attempt Beidawushan, best arrive either on Friday or early Sat morning and park your vehicle downwards facing the returning trip. Have stones or logs on your wheels to prevent failure on your hand brakes. 

By the way coming Wed evening or Thursday a cold spell is coming, and according to the weather report if the humidity  is good,  Beidawushan might snow and it will be a lovely sight. 

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