Doggie Safety Vest

Sometimes we would take our dog for night cycle. So I bought him a Nite Glow Ring but that only work well in total darkness. In the city street the Nite Glow Ring is useless so we were thinking of getting him a safety vest. 

In some ways our prayers were answered. While cycling in the street, we found a disposed worker's safety vest. Someone must have got tired of his work and decided to quit and dump his vest in the rubbish. I decided to bring it back and reworked the vest for Siboy our dog.

Removed all the stitches on  the items that is useful.
Took measurement on Siboy and used a staple to temporary hold it in place. For fastening I added a bucket clip on the lower rib cage. The design is to slip over his head and fasten with a quick release bucket.

 Sewing the reflective strap together was not so difficult, took 10 mins to put all together.

Siboy is happy with his new outfit and can't wait to try it out, so off we go!

Work pretty well, most eyes were on him and some even yelled "Hey Ma look! A Police dog" ;-)

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