DIY Under Table Storage

A very simple DIY for under table storage for your outdoor table. Materials needed, insect netting (plastic type), ty-raps, steel eyelets and a cigarette carton box. You can only to this if your camping table has a cross-bar. Using a 60 x 40 table that was purchased around NTD550. 

Take measurement and cut out the insect netting size needed 

Cut 2 length from a cigarette carton box and fold in half

Use a staple to hold them in place and cut away the access length
(if you prefer a neat job, use a sewing machine instead) 

Using a sharp object, pierce the nos of holes needed for the steel eyelets 
(Steel Eyelets are purchased from Diaso, there are 2 sizes, I am using 4mm eyelets)

Using the steel eyelet punching tool, insert the steel eyelets in place and secure them with Ty-raps and trimmed off the excess length

Finished product - the storage netting can be folded away 

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