A Day with 八大 Mass Camping

11 December 2010

We were invited by our friends to had an experience with 八大 (8Da) mass camping at 穎達生態休閒農場 YingDa Ecological Leisure Farm in Pingtung County. There were around 60 vehicles at location. 八大 is a group of Taiwanese who will get together over the weekend for camping trips. It was rather interesting to watch how the Taiwanese campers get together over the weekend and see the kind of equipment they would bring along for their camping trip.

Below are few pictures taken over the day. You can find their forum here but need to be registered and logged in. 

Our simply RV camping setup


Gas Oven


Snow Peak and Logos Department

Auto rotation grill

DIY Bedding


Our friend Ah Yao getting his setup ready

6am plantation hike with our dog

Morning Breakfast

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