3500W Mountaineering Stove

Small but big output stove, weighing only 93g lighter than Snow Peak Gigapower stove, it is capable of boiling water in 2mins 30sec at 3500W (~12,000BTU). The construction are mostly stainless steel and it comes with a auto piezo ignition. 

The 4 legged pot support with extender can be retracted with one finger and is capable of handling different sizes of pot. Controlling the flame with a foldaway handle is smooth and can be adjusted to simmering condition. 

Product Trial
Tested the stove with an EPI Titanium 500ml Pot with water. Weight of the Gas and Stove before test was 441g. The stove was set at full blast and it took almost 2 mins 30sec for the water to boil. Total gas expended was 10g after the trial. Base on the calculation of 220g gas cannister, you should be able to boil 500ml 22 times and around 55mins usage on a single gas cannister. Pretty amazing and cheap stove to owned if you are into compact and lightweight LPG stove. Currently selling at USD12.00 or NTD299