REI Quarter Dome T2 and T3 Tent

As much I have posted about REI products, I sincerely do not recommend them.
These tents and my back pack from REI have deteriorate less then 10 years.  

These REI Quarter Dome Tents are the best tents we ever owned. Initially we bought the T2 for light weight hike or bike camping. It weights around 1.8kg which is very acceptable weight for us, enough room for 2 person but not for backpack. Later on when my kids and dad came over to Taiwan for holiday, we decided to get the T3 which is a 3 person tent. Both the T2 and T3 has the same design only one is bigger than the other. Here is a vid on how to setup.

What we like about the tents
  • Light weight
  • Easy setup with one hub system
  • Doesn't feel warm in Summer
  • Not too cold during Winter
  • Doesn't trap condensation
  • Large storage pockets

Here is a good video review.


  1. This is a great summer tent. However, there's just too much mesh to keep out the cold up in the high mountains. I really wouldn't want to be using this on the Chilai Ridge! I also wonder whether similar models from Ferrino - the Chaos 2 and 3, aren't better value. The latter are basically the same weight, but use the Hubba Hubba design that provides a little more headroom. Did you have a look are the Ferrino or Marmot models before your purchase?

  2. REI Quarter Dome T2 and T3 Tent are tailored more to 3 season tent. We did have a look at Marmot and other similar 3 season tent. Weight was a factor and REI tents are still much lighter. We did owned the REI Half Dome tent before and comparing with the T2 and T3 they are much cooler during summer.

    Our other thoughts before purchase. If using the same tent for winter and summer camping. During winter, you can put on more warmer clothes but in summer, you can tear off all your clothes to naked skin and yet the tent has not enough ventilation you will feel very uncomfortable. So our final decision was to get a tent with better ventilation.

    If you are frequent mountain camping. It would be better to look at 4-season tent but they more expensive and weighs heavier.

    Another factor you need to consider if you are 1 person using a 2 men tent. You will need more body heat to keep the tent warm, if using a 1 man tent, you need lesser body heat.

    As for the headroom, REI has another model, Quarter Dome "Plus". It is larger and has slightly higher headroom.

    To conclude
    We need a light weight, all year round tent that is cooler in Summer but we can sacrifice the cold by putting more clothes.

  3. Hi,

    I'm from the US and will be traveling to Taiwan in Feb., and would be very interested in exploring Taiwan's trails and campsites. I'm curious, I notice that you have 2 REI tent, which are made in the US. Are their camping or sporting goods store in Taiwan that sell good camping, hiking, outdoor gear? or do you order your gear online.

    I would really like to know so I'm not hauling so much gear with me when I come to visit.

    Any advise would be helpful.

    Thank you.


  4. Hi, REI tents are made in China. They are good tents but need care. Personally I trust REI gears.

    1. I should've know the tents were made in China. Where do you purchase your gear. Are there specific outdoor stores there, more specifically in southern Taiwan. I'm looking for good light small compact-able down sleeping bags.

    2. Sorry for the late reply. There is a store in Kaohsiung 100Mountain, you shd be able to get most of the stuff there. But before your purchase I suggest you read this guide.

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