Recycle Camp Lantern

I have been planning to do this for a while. Finally spent the whole night making the lamp shade and today I managed to complete the recycle camp lantern.

Previously, this was the recycle lantern. 

The Labour

Using a disposed mineral water bottle, I heated a piecer and melted 8 holes. The reason for doing this is to allow ventilation for the heated air in the bottle to escape otherwise your energy saving bulb will get too hot and damage. 
Based on my previously lantern, I measured the length of the bottle needed to cut off.

Next the art work, using the beer or soda can tabs, use a cutter to cut of the handle of the tab and inter join them till you get the diameter of the bottle. Using a steel wire to hold the tabs on the neck of the bottle. This will take a while to complete, took me almost 2 hours.

Finished product, almost 100 pieces of tabs.

 Pierce a hole on the bottle cap and pass the wires through. Connect the wires to the bulb holder

 I extended the supplied bulb switch chain as it was too short. Next test the lamp, do note the type of bulb holder I am using. 

Using a clothe hanger, I made a hook for hanging the lantern



  • 5 meters of wandering wires 
  • 1 plug 110V
  • 1 bulb holder
  • 1 energy saving bulb
  • 1 mineral bottle
  • 100s of can tabs
  • 1 short length of steel wire
PS Do note this design is only to be use with energy saving bulb. Normal bulb will be too hot and it will melt the bottle.

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