Nite Glow Ring

Hey Ma!! No batteries needed!! Recently I purchased a Nite Glow Ring for my dog, Siboy. I was amazed by the claims that it can glow for 10 years without battery and can be seen as far as 10mtrs away plus it can submerge up to 30mtrs under water. I thought this will be perfect for Siboy as sometimes we go for night cycling.

They come in 4 different glow, yellow, red, blue and green. I decided to pick up the red as I thought it was ideal for city traffic but somehow it failed my expectation. It did not glow as bright as I expected. I did a research on the internet and came across an interesting website about glow coloured. I came to realised that red has the worst glow, the brightest was inbetween green and yellow. Next day, I went back to the shop and change for a yellow Nite Glow Ring instead.

So what is it all about??? It is a radioactive gaseous material that will glow and they called it Gaseous Tritium Light Source that stored in a polycarbonate case. They claim it is safe to use. What I like about it, is small and can hook to anything anywhere. Do not expect it to light up your night but it is pretty handy to find things like keys, touch light and other essential stuff if you hook it with the Nite Glow Ring.

 Nite Glow Effect

 lights on, lights off (lights on using dimmest lighting)

Here are some essential stuff ideal to use with the Nite Glow Ring.
  • Backpack
  • Key Chain
  • Torch Lite
  • Pet collar
  • Fish pole
  • Wallet or purse
  • Tent ropes
  • Handphone

A new outdoor toy??? Well ... yes and no, it all depends how you look at it. If you are a person who is always finding your essential stuff in the dark, then the Nite Glow Ring is ideal but if you just using in the city streets, you can forget about it. One thing I notice about the Nite Glow Ring, the darker it gets, the brighter it glows. So do not expect a 10mtrs glow in a lighted street, it will work better in the woods when you have better night vision. I might give a 5mtrs range in total darkness. As for me, is just another new outdoor toy, I will try to find it uses one day but for the moment, Siboy will use it once it a while. Anyway, I will just hang around the glow for the next ten years. 

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