Nikula Monoculars 7x18

Compact, light weight, inexpensive and comes with a year warranty. The Nikula Monocular 7 x 18 (7 times zoom, 18mm object lens) is very ideal for outdoor usage but not for serious bird watcher. Consider it as a spy monocular that you can use it for outdoor hunting, camping, in a stadium or just for the fun of it. I do find it very handy if you travel oversea for holiday. 

The monocular itself weighs 62g, 84mm x dia 33mm. It can be operated single handedly. It so small that if you hold it your palm and nobody would probaly notice it. Throw into your EDC bag and probabaly you do not even realise it is there.

The packagin comes with nylon case, neck lanyard, lens cloth, monocular with instructions.
Package wt 110g, size 90 x 50 x 55mm

Lanyard hole

Focus lens

If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, you can adjust the eye cap to suit you

Great gadget, small and compact. The 7 times zoom is more that sufficient to view object 2Km away, the ideal range I would say 500m. The choice between binocular and monocular is very clear, weight saving is the real factor here and it cost much cheaper around NT300. A must have gadget for holidays.

When using the monocular, we notice it is ideal to use with your master eye. To know which is you master eye, close one eye and aim a finger to an distant object, without moving your aimed finger close the other eye. Did you notice the object moved? Repeat the same process vice versa. Now you know which is your master eye. This was taught to me when I was at a shooting range. I am a right handed so natural I aim with my right eye but kept missing the target. Later I realised my master eye is on the left and it produce better shooting results. 

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