Yuan Yang Waterfall 鴛鴦瀑布

Pingtung County
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Last Visited 26 Jul 2009

Located in Pingtung County, the road ends at Ke Zui Villa (客醉山莊) where you can park your car for NTD50 or otherwise if you have meal or camp there, then the parking is free.
From there, the hike takes about 45min, 2.9Km to the waterfall. It is best you bring along a pair of wet shoes.

Beginning of the trail you will need to cross the river to get over to the other bank where the trail starts

the trail are consists mostly loose rock

along the way there are markers to guide you to the waterfall

the trail path changes from smaller rocks to bigger rocks

you will have to cross the river again

a little hill climb

so what does that tell you if I found a shedded snake skin

Wohoo... I found my biker friends!!!
O-Yang, Bro Lung, ak, Ah Wei and Ah Keong

brought along my home cooked curry chicken.
The only ground you can camp for 2 person near the waterfall.

beautiful...isn't it?!

where the river flows....
top right of the mountain, there are 4 more cascading waterfall which merge with YuanYang waterfall

Yuan Yang Waterfall, you need to paddle chest high water to get there.

going back.....

one of the knee high water section we need to cross

living dangerously....!! but with a hiking stick, it will do the trick

plenty of butterfly and dragonfly along the river bank

wow... this is a really nice hike, the weather is not too warm

the hike simply swept me away... :)

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